News about kidnapping, snatching, robbery etc were always there in headlines.

Just like that, a CCTV footage of kidnapping came in notice when it goes viral in various social media platforms.

A CCTV Footage is being circulated on social media platform in which a woman can be seen kidnapping a child on railway station .

Facebook User Deepankar Das shared this video on his timeline on Wednesday and it has already has 1.1k views and has been further shared by 90 people so far.
The video was captioned below:

"মধ্যমগ্রাম স্টেশন থেকে বাচ্চা চুরি করছে একটা ছেলে আর একটা মেয়ে এদের এই cctv futageসারা জায়গায় ছড়িয়ে দিন ধরতে সাহায্য করুন"
Translation: “A child was kidnapped from Madhyamgram station by a man and a woman. This is the CCTV footage. Share it everywhere so that they are caught at the earliest.”
See here 

The video is 3 min and 23 sec long and from the footage of different cameras, we can see the couple entering to one of the platform and at 1:34 sec woman can be seen picking up the child lying next to family asleep on platform and then she walk away with the child.


After keyword search like couple kidnapping child railway station on google led us to India Todays news article with the headline  "Delhi: Couple kidnaps 2-year-old girl from railway station, arrested".

This news report is enough to clear that the cctv footage was from Nizamuddin of Delhi and not from West Bengal.

The same video can also be seen on youtube which was uploaded by News Nation described as "Couple kidnaps girl child at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway" .


Hence, it is clear that the CCTV footage of kidnapping a child from Railway Station is not from Madhyamgram but from Nizamuddin Station .