Baba Ramdev who is an Indian yoga guru known for his work in Ayurveda, business, politics and agriculture. He also co-founded the Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.

Baba Ramdev who provided the message ( "योग से निरोग" ) of being healthy through Yoga has been criticised on social media platforms by users for being operated in Germany for knee surgery.

A photograph has been viral on various social media platforms with the  caption that read :

" करो योग , रहो निरोग " योग गुरु रामदेव के घुटनो का जर्मनी में सफल ऑपरेशन ! ! " तुम स्वदेशी अपनाओ " ये आदमी ही कहता था ना . . . मूत्र पीने और गोबर खाने से फलां रोग ठीक होता है ढिमका रोग ठीक होता है ? . . . . खुद खाता नहीं दूसरों को खिलाता है ।
"Do yoga, stay healthy" Yoga Guru Ramdev's knees successful operation in Germany! ! "You should adopt indigenous"  This man used to say no . .that drinking urine and dung, this disease is cured, that disease is cured ? . . . . Not eating themselves,  feeds them to others. ~ Translation

In the picture, Baba Ramdev can be seen in a hospital and surrounded by people who are trying to make him drink something with glass.

The picture with the same claim has been posted by users Kalpesh Chavda and Rakesh Patel on Facebook.


After reverse searching the image, we found a news report from Business Line dated June 2011 in which this picture was used. Through the article we got to know that there was no knee operation , it was just Baba Ramdev was on hunger strike and had given up his nine-day fast after being persuaded by Sri Sri Ravishankar and other spiritual leaders.

He had been on a hunger strike since June 4 demanding a tougher anti-corruption law and seeking return of black money stashed away abroad.

It was a fake news , Baba Ramdev was not operated in Germany.