Claim- Tanmay Bakshi a 13-year old Indian boy, has been hired by the world's topmost tech company Google with the attractive salary package of Rs. 66 lakhs per month.

Tanmay Bakhsi, a Computer programmer, Artificial Intelligence, expert and all around tech extraordinaire. He is a developer of multiple apps, author, and he had hosted Tedx Talk and spoken at IBM Watson summits around the world including Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia.

He had started his learning at an early age of 5, at age of 7 he set up a YouTube channel where he posted tutorials on coding and web development. At age eight, he taught himself how to develop iOS apps.

He is working with IBM, according to his Twitter Bio software developer, speaker and an auther. The news of his working with Google is not true. Tanmay clarified this with his TWEET. He never bound himself with the name of companies, he heartily work with his passion.  

There have been many rumors realted to Tanmay Bakshi that he is the youngest Google employee. However, Tanmany Bakshi has clarify this confusion on his Facebook page by saying that he has thought to become highly of Google & work they do but currently the reports related to that are totally false.

He continued to say that he collaborates with many good companies on open-source initiatives and would hate to see the rumors disrupt such arrangements.

Tanmay has also worked and continues to work on open-source projects like "AskTanmay", the world’s first IBM Watson-powered web-based Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) system.