Claim- The Viral image of a man who is carrying a calf on his back is from Assam. This image is viral on social media and shared multiple times but with wrong state name.

This picture hold caption which is written in English on this viral image posted on Facebook, which linked this picture with Assam Flood. And the caption is “Humanity, Pray for Assam”.

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Assam is one of the flood prone state in the country, they are struggling in order to minimize the impact of flood in their state. There are so many pictures of rescue operations of flood victims in Assam are viral on social media. People feel sympathies with them, and they share these ahead.

But there are some unrelated images which have been spread off as picture of the flood of Assam. Just like this picture, here is a picture of a person who is carrying a calf on his back trudging through knee-deep water has gone viral, as the behalf of Assam Flood.

Here is a picture, that was posted on Facebook on 19th July 2019 and it has been shared multiple times by thousands of users.

This Viral Image is not from Assam, infect this image has been used by Bangladesh's news media to report the flood in the neighboring country. This can be identified with simply with reverse image search.

The Image is from Bangladeshi news portals which have carried this image in their stories related to flood in that particular region. This Image is used by DhakaTimes in their article which was published on 18th July 2019 regarding the flood of Gaibandha area in Northern Bangladesh.

This shared images belongs to Bangladesh News media not Assam Flood. This can be isolated on the Bangladeshi websites as PBA and Bangladeshi Journal, they also used this image with their stories on Flood. They also hadn't mentioned any precise location.

The claim that this image came from Assam Flood is false. This Viral image belongs to Bangladeshi news portals not Assam. It's just a false claim.