After the mob lynching of a 24 year old boy 'Tabrez Ansari' in Jharkhand , there were so many protests in the country.
In one of the protest a woman can be seen holding a placard that says “I am a Hindu and I love Muslims. Muslims are my brothers, sisters and spouses. You killed our Tabrez, we all are Tabrez, your hate is too small in front of us all #NotoHindutvaterrorism”.

The photo of this woman holding a placard is doing rounds on Internet along with a message which states that

"अल तकिया से सावधान..ये तो सबीहा खान निकली, और खुद को हिन्दू लिखकर तब प्रोपेगेंडा रचा था, इस लडकी ने "

Translation:(Beware of Al Takiya .. She turned out to be Sabiha Khan, and was conducting propaganda by calling herself Hindu).

Several photos have been viral on social media. In one of the image the woman can be seen holding a placard and on the other image a woman can be seen wearing pink colored dress with the name Sabiha Khan imprint on it wishing Eid to everyone.

image source

The above post has been shared on several Facebook pages such as I Support Yogi , NAMO Youth Brigade and India fans . The page I Support Yogi itself has 2.4K shares and many individual users also shared it on their timeline.


Alt-News has already debunked this news and found that the claim along with the viral photos is false.

According to the claim the woman holding placard (stating that she is a Hindu) is a muslim named 'Sabiha khan'.

To know the truth behind the viral post when we reverse check the image of woman protesting we found a news article on 'BeyondHeadlines' which clears that the girl is from Delhi and her name is Swati.

The article itself is enough to clear the fact that the circulating images with the claim is false.

Images were circulating online claiming to be Sabiha khan so we searched facebook page of Sabiha Khan and found that the woman wearing pink dress is Sabiha khan who is the member of Asaduddin Owaisi's party AIMIM.

Pictures of Swati were being posted on 26 June and 27 June respectively from Sabiha Khan's facebook page. Although the pictures are not posted herself from her own account.


After all this it is concluded that the woman holding placard during protest is Swati not Sabiha and they both are two different woman.