A post has been shared widely on social media with the images in which two cars can be seen melting . The caption with the photo states that cars are melted due to the high temperature in Saudi Arabia.

A twitter user shared a melted traffic light image quoting that the temperature in Kuwait touched 63 degrees and in Saudi it touched 55 degrees.


Another twitter user Zartaj Gul Wazir, shares the images of cars and states that lack of plantation and 62 degree heat are causing this in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The tweet is now deleted but the screenshot of the one can be seen below:


As the posts claim that the images are melting due to high temperature in Kuwait , first we reverse search the images on Google and found the truth behind the photos.

The reverse search lead us to an article by Kold News 13 with the title that "Owners dealing with melted cars after construction fire" .

It clearly states that the cars were damaged due to fire in Arizona.

According to Fact checking site Snopes the photo of melted traffic lights was taken in 2013 after another fire.

However acc. to the Gulf News story on June 12 2019, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia recorded the highest temperature on earth.


No cars and traffic lights melted due to heat waves .