World Cup fever is all over around and the nail-biting semi-finals between India and New Zealand was the big one for India .

And Indian fans get stunned when MS Dhoni lost his wicket during the semi's and it was heartbreaking for each and every Indian fan out there.
It was an emotional moment for everyone , even the players couldn't resist there emotions and break out.

Amidst the news of defeat of India in semi-finals , a set of pictures has been doing rounds in social media. In which a cameraman can be seen crying and Dhoni can be seen coming back to pavilion .

This set  of pictures were viral like in no time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The post above is not available as of now.

It was claimed that the photographer breaks out after Dhoni get's out which led India lost the match.

After reverse searching the image of the photographer we found an article which clearly states that the photographer in the image is crying after Iraq lost to Qatar in Asian Cup.

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No, the photographer did not cried after Dhoni looses his wicket in Semi-finals.