Claim- A picture is viral on Facebook, in this picture some Indian cricket team members are there with head coach Ravi Shastri and a liquor bottle is can be seen near the feet of Mr. Ravi Shastri.

The post caption says- "Neeche Dekho...👇 Neeche Dekho....👇
Shastri ki Kurssi ke Neeche Zoom karke Dekho.."
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There is a picture going viral on social media, in this picture Indian Cricket Team can be seen with their head coach Mr. Ravi Shastri. A liquor bottle is placed near Mr. Ravi Shastri's feet. And the caption defined that Mr. Shastri kept this liquor bottle along during this photo-shoot.

But Actually this viral picture is not true, it is morphed. There was no liquor bottle in the real picture.

When we got this image, we checked this picture on Google Reverse Image, And we found this picture is shared by BCCI on Twitter handle on 6th July.

This image is a detailed picture of the viral photo and in this picture there is not a bottle of liquor which shows that the picture was photoshopped not real.  

The Image claiming Mr. Ravu Shastri Have a liquor bottle near his feet during the Team Photo-shoot is fake. There was not  liquor bottle placed in the real picture.

This viral picture on social media is fake, the liquor bottle is photoshopped. There was no liquor bottle, in the real Image.