The news of flood situation in Assam which continues to worse day by day , so many images were being shared on social media. Amidst of this , a picture is making rounds on social media platforms claiming to be from Assam.

Below is the photograph which is being circulated :

In the picture, a man can be seen carrying a calf on his shoulder with knee-deep water around and this image been linked to Assam floods.

The photograph has been shared by a Facebook Page  on 19 July 2019 which was then shared by almost 4000 users.

Many other Facebook pages like "Namo Bharath - Narendra Modi For PM" and "Bakchod page" also posted the Image with the same claim on July 19, 2019.


A reverse search on the image led us to so many news portals of Bangladesh where this picture used widely in there stories about the floods in any particular region . but this nothing was mentioned about the region of flood.

Dhaka Times and many other websites like Bangladesh Journal used this picture and Dhaka times describes this picture as the flood situation of Gaibandha area in Northern Bangladesh.

This picture was also used by The Logical Indian news portal in there article with the headline "Bihar Flood: This Group Of Student Volunteers Are Extending Help Flood Victims " posted on July 20th, 2019.

According to this article, the picture is from Bihar Floods.


The viral image which has been shared is not from Assam Floods because the articles which we found did not mention Assam Floods as the one.

It could be from Bihar Floods or Bangladesh but surely not from Assam.