"Google" is a dream company to work in for all people around the world especially for techies, people work hard to get into Google .

The post of CEO in Google considered to be one of the biggest job in the world and recently a news or you can say the job post for the Chief Executive Officer of Google on LinkedIn is making rounds on many platforms.

LinkedIn is the famous digital networking platform for Career and Jobseekers and when the vacancy for Google's CEO post came out , millions of people applied for it .


This was the job post for Google's CEO profile which was shared by many users on several media platforms. So , lets just check whether it is true or not or it is a rumour or what?

Actually this is totally fake, there is nothin like that. Sundar Pichai is currently with Google as the CEO and there is no such vacancy.

Twitter user Michel Rijnders from Netherlands posted the job post on Google's LinkedIn profile and later committed that it was a security bug.

What was the security bug?
Through this bug, users can post Job Openings of any Company's formal LinkedIn Page .

There is also a fact that for posting Job opening user should have a premium LinkedIn account whereas Rijnders claim that due to this bug user can post as many opening . And he posted the Opening for LinkedIn's CEO too to justify the fact.

LinkedIn thanked Rijnder for pointing out the issue and resolved the issue .

So, from all it is concluded that there was no post of CEO uploaded by Google , it was a bug that let users post jobs on other companies linked profile which now has been resolved by LinkedIn.