A video is making rounds on social media especially on twitter with the caption that read:

औरत को आसमानी ज्ञान वाले लोग कितना सम्मान देते है इस वीडियो से पता चल जाता है, जैसे सब्जी मंडी में सब्जियों की बोली लगाई जाती है वैसा ही शांतिदूत लोग करते हैं
Translation: This video shows how much respect the people having Knowledge from heaven are given to the woman, just like the people in the vegetable market do the same as the bid of vegetables.

A twitter user named Ola Speaks tweeted the video along with the message above dated 22nd July 2019 . The video can be seen below:


In the video, we can see some burqa clad women chained together and some men having rifles with them.

A man can be seen saying saying something in Arabic and English mixed, there English subtitles read as:

“We have Yezidi women, we have Kurdish women, and we have Christians. get what your right hand possesses, come get your Mulk-al-yamin (slave). Get yourself a sex slave. Our brave fighters, our brave Islamic State fighters have gone into these areas and killed their murtadin (infidel) scum. So you can have their women today. Takbir, Takbir, Takbir (Allah is great)”

Then after this, auction of women started and people can be heard of quoting price for the women there and this goes on in a 2:20 minutes long video.

This video was shared on Facebook by a user एक स्वयंसेवक with a caption :

औरतों को जानवरों के तरह बेचा जा रहा है इसे ही कहते है "शांतिपूर्ण" धर्म इस्लाम??FEMALES Are Getting SOLD LIKE GOATS in The World's So Called Most Peaceful religion #ISLAM

Fact Check:

For checking more about video, we used relevant keywords and we found the U.S Fact Checking site "Snopes" with headline "A video that purports to show Muslim men selling women at auction in England actually documents a protest."

Snopes already debunked the video on 2 June 2016 clearly stating that the video is showing auction of women was organised by Kurdish activist as a part of protest against ISIS.

The women who are chained are actors.That was a street act demonstrating the ISIS slavery of women .


The viral video is fake or we can say that the claim is false .