Recently a video is surfaced online on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even on Whatsapp.

In the viral video Firangs can be seen dancing out crazily on the superhit Bhojpuri number 'Lolipop Lagelu'.The men are even seen singing along the lyrics while dancing which is driving the social media crazy.

The video of the song being played came after another viral video of a British man selling 'jhalmuri' outside the stadium.This video went viral with the claim that the song ''rocked the streets of London'' where ICC World Cup is underway.

The Indian Express also posted a story with the same claim which now has been updated.

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Various Indian users shared this video as the sense of pride that even the Englishmen cant stop themselves from dancing on Indian Songs.

It is being shared on whatsapp status and groups :

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Twitter users claimed that it was because of Indians reaching London for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 that this popular song being played.

can be viewed here
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Although it turned out that the viral video is not from World Cup 2019 in England .. Actually its from Berlin!

The video appeared to be from a street festival 'Carnival of Cultures or Karneval der Kulturen' in Berlin where in people celebrate there cultural diversity.The festival culminates in a colourful street parade with music and dance.

A tweeter user 'Hugo di Portogalo' shared some glimpse of the festival which can be seen here


Bollywood songs played and everyone participated in dance but neither Lollypop Lagelu nor the ICC Cricket World Cup fans in London make an appearance in it.

You can watch Indians celebrating their culture in Berlin here:

That was 'aadha sach'..