A teenager who accused a prominent local politician of rape in Unnao has been in news all over social media and news channel due to accusing a BJP leader.

The 19-year-old alleged rape victim was travelling with her lawyer when a truck smashes there car and they were admitted to hospital on 28 July 2019.

This incident outraged everyone and users on social media were questioning the police dept. for not properly taking care of the victim. The ruling party politician was suspected to be involved in this .

Amidst this all, a post is making rounds on social media platform in which a girl can be seen injured lying on bed and the caption along with the image read:

अलविदा बहन,
उन्नाव रेप पीड़िता अब नही रही ... कोई ऐसा सोच भी नही सकता था कि न्याय के लिए एक बेटी को परिवार सहित मरना पड़ा हो !  ऑपरेशन ट्रक सफल हुआ अब कोई नई कहानी गढ़ी जाएगी,, महिला हितों के लिए लंबे लंबे भाषण दिए जाएंगे !     विधायक जी सहित पूरी सरकार को बधाई !
Goodbye sister,
Unnao rape victim is no more ... No one could have imagined that a daughter had to die with family for justice! Operation Truck Succeeds Now A New Story Will Be Created, Long Speeches Will Be Made For Women's Interests! Congratulations to the whole government including MLA!
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The same image post was also shared on Facebook with the same claim about the death of the girl.


Truth behind the news :

The unnao rape victim is still alive and is on ventilator although her condition is critical. After searching on google with several key words we found that the several media outlets reported that the rape survivor is still alive and is critical.

India Today

India Today and Business Standard are the two  amongst news outlets.

Business Standard


This is clearly proved that the girl did not lost her life.
She is still battling with her life .