A video is making runs on social media in which a Lion can be seen casually walking on the road . This clip has been shared by many on there social media pages.
The one amongst them can be seen below by a twitter user Dinesh Kumar.


The same video has been shared on Facebook by INAM RIZVI FAN CLUB and accompanying a message '' THIS HEPPENED TODAY AT AREY COLONY MUMBAI '' .

The Aarey Milk Colony is a neighbourhood situated in Goregaon, a suburb of the city of Mumbai. It was established in 1949 to revolutionize the processing and marketing of dairy products in the city. The colony is covered with vegetation unlike the rest densely populated Mumbai.

Even Karan Patel who is an Indian tv actor shared this video on his Instagram which then came to notice of many.Karan Patel captioned the video as

This claim might be considered true as the colony has gardens, nursery, lakes a whole lot of vegetation there.

Fact Check:

After putting one of the keyframes from video in reverse search on Google, we found a Gujrati news channel ABP Asmita having title "Lion on the road in girnar" which states that the video is from Bilkha road in Junagarh district from Gujarat.

Reverse search results

It can be seen that news is dated 13 july.


The viral video of a Lion roaming freely is not from Mumbai's Aarey colony but is from Junagarh District of Gujarat .

It was a false claim.