Its been a week there was news about outraging of all the three social media platforms "Facebook , Whatsapp and Instagram". Several users reports about the problem via tweeter that they are unable to download images and videos.

These apps stops working properly.

After this issue was resolved,  Facebook tweeted and apologised for the inconvenience caused and told about the resuming of services.


Just after this issue resolved,  a false message about whatsapp being widely circulated on whatsapp and other social media platform.

The viral message claims that the central government has made the messaging application unavailable for use everyday between 11:30 pm and 6 am. The message further warns people to become “active” WhatsApp users by forwarding the same to their contacts or else their accounts will be deemed “invalid” within 48 hours."

The forwarded message can be seen below:

This message was making rounds on whatsapp messenger and users were widely sharing it without knowing the truth.


There is nothing like that as policy changes by WhatsApp are announced on its blog and nothing like this was mentioned there.

That message is just a "known hoax" which was viral earlier also.

This time the news sparked due to the news about outraging of Facebook and Facebook-owned social networking applications..