A screenshot had gone viral on Social Media with a quote "I'll set the entire country on fire if our government is voted out of power- Yogi Adityanath". This is a screenshot of a Gujarati news channel named 'Mantavya News'. It has gone viral on social media with an image of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minster.

image source:HIndi.webdunia.com

Yogi Adityanth has not made any such statements not in any speech or interview. It can be identified.

First of all, if he passed a statement like something like this, it would be have been chased by the all media outlets.
And the next point is opposition political parties would have raised the topic drastically.

This image is Morphed...

image :

And the biggest point is that this is a Gujarati channel, but the statement is flashing in material in Hindi is not fine, in fact it seems here false. The executive director of Mantavya news said regarding this news, they run a Gujarati news channel so, how can they broadcast statement in Hindi.

Image: altnews

It has a look at the screenshot, the image frame has not left and above margins which can be noticed that the original Gujarati news channel always have the margin on sides of a frame.  

The UP CM Yogi Adityanath has spoken many controversial announcements in his past, but this time he hasn't passed this statement. He is innocent this time.

The viral screenshot, picture of the channel was not real. It was just a false accuse to defame UP CM Yogi Adityanath.