News of a man named Barkat who was attacked by 4 unidentified men in gurugram on 25 May was all over the news channel and even several media outlets published the reports for the same.

A news regarding Barkat claiming that he is a 'regular guy on NDTV'  has been surfaced online by several social media users.

The message can be read as:

NDTV का आदमी निकला गुरुग्राम का बरकत अली, हिन्दुओ के खिलाफ बड़ी भयंकर साजिशबरकत अली ने फर्जी आरोप लगाया था की मेरी टोपी उछाल दी गयी, जय श्री राम बुलवाया गया, हिन्दुओ के खिलाफ बड़ी भयंकर साजिश! मोहम्मद बरकत अली NDTV के पुराने टीवी शोज में देखा गया, ये शख्स NDTV का ऑडियंस है, अब काफी कुछ समझ आ रहा है ये पूरी साजिश हिन्दुओ के खिलाफ नफरत फैलाने के मकसद से सेकुलरों और वामपंथियों ने मिलकर रची

Translation : (NDTV’s man turned out to be Gurugram’s Barkat Ali. Barkat Ali had falsely alleged that his cap was thrown and he was made to chant Jai Shri Ram. This is a big and dangerous conspiracy against Hindus. He was seen in old TV shows of NDTV. He is an audience member of NDTV. Seculars and leftists are together spewing hate.)

This can be seen on Facebook .


The same claim has been shared by few on twitter.


Handle 'History Of India' tagged BJP Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir in the tweet adn asking him to apologize for the nautanki.


Barkat is not a regular visitor on NDTV as claimed by several posts . The picture that was circulating was grabbed from a video we found on NDTV youtube channel.

The pictures are from Sunday 26th of May. And it is found that he was invited there by the channel for sharing the incident with them.

BJP volunteer Vikas Pandey too clarified that the picture was from the NDTV show by sharing on twitter.

Hence it is cleared that he was invited by the show which means he is not a regular penalist.