Mohammad Sujathullah a 26-years old pursuing his doctorate in pharmacy from Hyderabad, serving food to the needy over 930 days. He fed breakfast to nearly 1000 of hungry people every day in Hyderabad. He never missed even a single day of his work.

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From back 930 days every morning Mohammad Sujathullah follows a routine. He distributes 20 kg of Rawa upma along the chutney.‌‌The food is the breakfast for almost 1000 people he has been feeding since 2016 outside of the two of prominent hospitals.

Mohammad Sujathullah established ‘Humanity First Foundation (HFF)’ in 2016, he fed the hungry people with his own money. ‌‌People living with comforts hardly realize the pain and suffering of the hungry. However, we observe many people living around us not having enough food to lead a healthy life, which is the primary right of every human being. He told ‘The Logical Indian’.

He feeds people every day, with the help of friends and family. The HFF has no permanent volunteers but people support and help him by own willingness.


Image source : Facebook

source image: facebook

How he started‌‌This was started as thanks to god for him, for passing his examination.

He shared some words with InUth- I had a backlog in one of my papers. I had decided to feed 10 hungry people if I successfully clear the backlog. It was my way to thanking Allah. I succeed and fulfilled my promise. But then, something happened- the experience of feeding the hungry people changed me entirely.

At the start he first used his pocket money. Then he asked each earning member of the family to contribute one day salary to arrange the food.

He says- the work has become like an important part of his life, but there is no rest, no holidays. And yet he doesn’t complaint.

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Sujathullah started with feeding the hungry outside the Hyderabad’s Niloufer hospital. One of the most visited hospitals in the city. The second daily breakfast distribution in Koti Maternity Hospital where he serves over 200 people. Since 3-years he does dinner distribution for poor needy street sleepers.

He kept the thought in center- people who came to government hospitals from small district or village mostly are poor. They stay on the road and walk without a morning meal as well, due to lack of facilities. He wanted to available them free food to them so, he take initiatives and started to distributing Upma to these people.

HFF has not stopped in here only. The volunteers of HFF visit orphanages and home for the differently-abled and distribute them the things they required as needed as possible. For children they arranged gifts, toys and chocolates.

He also runs a tailoring coaching center for widows and other women who wanted to be strong financially.

They also organize the medical camp in the slum areas. Sujathullah and his doctor friends including Physicians and dentists visit the regions and execute the necessary acts. Medicines they made available for people free of cost.

Sujathullah sets an example to serve humanity selflessly. He kept the humanity on top over the religion, caste, creed or belief.