A small village Baarali of Udupi District, Karnataka, a government school has overcome has overcome its critical problem of increasing student dropout rate. The situation could be avoided because of a teacher named Rajaram.

Rajaram has been doing double occupation- teaching the student and Driving the student to school and to home. So that no-one misses their education due to lack of transport.

47-years old Rajaram is a teacher in a government school. Every day when school starts, he picks up the student from their home and drop them back as the school gets over. The students who came from the far-places, around 5-10 kilometers or more, through the forest area. It’s not possible to walk to school via this way. So, a lot of students were dropping out the school.

Then Rajaram realized that he had to do something about it.

In his 24-year teaching career, it’s been more than 14 years since Rajaram has begun teaching Maths, Science and Physical Education to the students in this school. He noticed during last few years a lot of kids drop the school. Once at a point there were only 60 students left in the school.

When he searched for the reason behind the rapid school dropout, he found there was no pakka road to the school.

The student of the Baarali village had to walk over for 6 km every day to reach their school. The path was included the forest area, that’s why parents fearing for their children’s safety, especially parents of girl students. It was the reason behind a lot of students started backing out every year. Shocking and disappointed by these dropouts, Rajaram took on the consent to solve the problem.

Source- The Logical India

Rajaram shared in his conversation with The News Minute-
There are no roads from the houses of the children to the school. There is a muddy path through the forest and most of the girl students began dropping out, as their families were scared of allowing their children to walk for a total of 6 km to and from school.

Rajaram found the solution, he reached for the one of the school’s former students- Vijay Hegde. Rajaram called him and proposed the idea of purchasing a bus to pick up and drop children.

Rajaram reached out to other alumni of the school Vijay Hegde and Ganesh Shetty. The trio had arranged the finance and managed to buy a school bus. Some other donors agreed to pay for monthly fuel and maintenance of the bus.

Now the next challenge was to hire a driver. Appointing a driver would have cost him at least 7000-8000 per month, which he couldn’t afford so, he decided to drive the bus on his own.

Source: The News Minute

Rajaram got a license to drive the bus himself and began the pick up and drop service for the kids. When the bus began to pick the children, drop out rate has drastically reduced. And school has increased the number of students.

The school starts at 9:30 am and Rajaram make sure that all the students are on time. There are three teachers in the school.
Rajaram spends his own money on vehicle insurance, and fuel for the bus.

Rajaram’s efforts are commendable. He is doing this work without aiming any kind of personal welfare. He could give up from school by transfer to another school, but he opted to face difficulties and won over them.