A person has saved over 60 lives from the last 27 years. Manoj Singh encourages people to help in need. People those were injured in road accidentroad accident, they came to meet after recovery.

Whenever people perceived any accidents, most of them hesitate to help accident victims. The scare of getting unnecessary involved in a police case stop them to help accident victims. People are more interested about videotaping the incident beside help.

Image source: NavBharatTimes

‌‌Most of the people all over world ignore road accident victims. But there are some people who changed that tale. There are few individuals who is walking ahead to help accident victims. Mr. Manoj Singh is one of them.

Manoj is on mission to help victims of road accidents.‌‌

In the year 1991 Manoj lost his friend in an accident due to lack of help. Pramod Tiwari, a resident of Janakipuram, was going back to home, it was a foggy night. During that time a speeding vehicle smashed him and drove away.

‌When Pramod didn’t back home, his family had scared and contacted his friend Manoj Singh. Without wasting time, he went in search of Pramod’s house till late night. He found his childhood friend bleed to death by the road in front of his eyes.

He said his friend was there injured and unattended for hours. He died because of excess blood loss. ‌‌Only one thing was walking in his mind, he would be alive if someone had rushed him to the hospital.

source: India Times

Since then, he started to help the people who suffered the road accidents. He saved more than 60 lives and so far in the last 27 years. He makes sure that for every possible required help.

“I see Pramod’s face in every person I help. My biggest regret is I couldn’t save him. So, I’m trying to alleviate that emotional baggage and reduced the pain losing him by saving others.” Words from Manoj (Nav Bharat Times)

Manoj said some of these individuals who get injured in road accident have met and thanked him after their recovery.road accident have met and thanked him after their recovery.

Manoj is a teacher by profession, he runs coaching classes. He encouraged his students also to help others. With this positive impact of many of the students have joined him to his campaignhave joined him to his campaign.

This teacher’s efforts are recognized, and his story inspires many people that there is no more need to run from accident locations, but they can extend a helping hand for victims. These small steps can save someone’s life.