Mitsu Chavda the youngest female biker, who aimed to travel more than 102 cities and rode 17,000 kilometers for awareness about the soldier’s achievement and extend achievements about paraplegic soldiers. She was on a mission solo Pan-India Ride for soldiers Quest.

Mitsu was born in Mumbai and bought in Surat and Graduated (English horns). She dreams of spreading consciousness about our Splendid Armed forces and motivated to youth.
The thing that gave her the motivation to carry her motor ride was her wheelchair bound friend, an Army Major, who inspired her to do something about the youth of the country. Then she decided to get well informed about the paraplegic soldiers with the intention of inspiring youngsters who breakdown often over the smallest things. When she went across stories of brave soldiers, their dedication has motivated her a lot.

Image Source: life Beyond Numbers 

She read about Naveen Gulia who faced the accident during his parade at IMA (Indian Military Academy) and left him paralyzed. But this injury has been just a passing cloud to him. Today he is known as an accomplished author, motivational speaker, social worker, and a source of inspiration to many people.

Another Army Cadet Major General S K Razdan, India’s first wheelchair bound general in the army. Major Razdan got injured in an anti-terrorist operation in Jammu and Kashmir during 1994. He was a part of creak team and was sent to rescue women taken by the Lashkar-e-Toiba.
After the operation, he was awarded by the Kirti Chakra.

“I feel the youth of today are emotionally challenged and give up over the smallest of things- be it failing in exams, a bad relationship, or not getting a mobile phone. It is like the end of the world for them and few even think of committing suicide over this. Therefore, I felt the need to make them aware of the Paraplegic soldiers, who think beyond themselves and protect the nation even after getting injured.” Mitsu Says to Life Beyond Numbers.

25-year-old Mitsu from Surat started her countrywide ride from 25th November 2017, to generate awareness for the soldier who are bound to the wheelchair and inspired by the two of her soldier friends who were unfortunately injured on the battlefield. And she completed her journey in 65 days.

She spoke about his journey so far alleged that the government has made India safe for women Riders, and she is lucky to get support where ever she visited. She shared- wherever she travels people come towards her and ask if she is needed any kind of help.
Even when the GPS didn’t work, she faced no issues as people helped her a lot with direction guide.

Throughout her journey she met the home minister Mr. Rajnath. He glorified her efforts on twitter via his tweet- “met Ms Mitsu Chavda who is on a bike journey of 102 cities across India. Her mission is to spread awareness among the people about the difficulties faced by paraplegic soldiers. I laud her efforts and wish success for her mission.”

Image source- Life Beyond Numbers

During her trip she visited schools, colleges and addressed on the sacrifices of the paraplegic solders. Talking about the soldiers who suffer injuries while on duty at a very young age, but these injuries couldn’t affect their enthusiasm for serving in their nation. They never give up, rather they go on to represent India at various national and international levels. These soldiers are the fighter who defeated depression and negativity with their positivity.

Mitsu has also crowed funded and donated Rs. 202,165 to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) for Armed Force in Pune. Mitsu reached her hometown back on 30th January 2018 covering her journey of 17000 kilometers over the cities of India.