Every start-up has a story behind it. Water harvesting is a very normal exercise if it has a view this from a distance, but it takes many efforts to succeed.
Can imagine what would happen if the city had a heavy rainfall? The same situation faced trio from Gurugram shake them over the while they stuck in a traffic due to a heavy rainfall.

Year 2016, three friends got stuck in persistent rain in Gurugram. Ankit Magan, Priyank Jain, and Neeraj Chauhan were three friends were in that state and had to wait more than one hour for the rain to stop. Because of rain the roads were water logged and the sewerage system was clogged up.

They started a conversation over there- what would happen if the city had to pay to obtain rainfall. And they had enough time and points to construct their arguments. As their discussion moved ahead, they considered this, they must do something to preserve rainwater.

image source: The Better India

The water management system had in such a poor condition, innumerable liters of water were going to waste into the sewage system, seems also a further contribution to the water crisis in India. The incident was a teaching movement for them one that would lead a path of rainwater harvesting for them. Ankit, Priyank and Neeraj stared devising on that, how they could fix these weighty issues.

The all three are MBA graduates, they had reputed job at the time and it was too soon to abandon for a new venture. Centralized their responsibilities they stated to frame the work they wanted to do.
Six months later, December 2016, they quit their job and started ‘Retas Enviro Solutions’ in New Delhi to design the modular rainwater harvesting system. They manufacture and install water tanks over there.

Image from- The Better India

The project began with the savings the trio had from their previous jobs and some lone from their close friends and family. Their parents and partners had fixed their mind to not to look after the finance of homes since the trio wouldn’t be able to contribute.
They grabbed their first client within the three months of the establishment of Retas.

They started water harvesting with high Quality Polypropylene, this became their raw material to make geotextile for a rainwater harvesting model that they named Rainmaxxx.
They design the site plan according to different geological parameters, prepared the ground, and joined the geotextile together, and formed the Rainmaxxx tank. When tank got ready they filed the hollowed area with soil.

Image From: The Better India 

People Talking about the lose of groundwater by future, but hardly anyone is aware to correct this. Big industries and agriculture required the most quantity of the water as on their observation, so they decided to target them. Approaching them would have been fruitful for business.
As the time had passed they grew up and later their client would be satisfied completely with them.

Ankit tells ‘The Better India’- We have worked on various projects with the Delhi and Uttarakhand Government, so they have more projects than the clients. Retas gives 30 years written warranty projects and solutions to which we have received no companies so far. Unfortunately, I can’t tell the exact quantity of water we have harvested or recharged, but you can estimate the magnitude of our work by the number of clients we have catered to in the past 2 years.

They have faced many challenges during their beginning to till now, and they were overcome from every challenge. Those were the days of pressure, experiments and struggle. Today we ensure that each of our clients just happy as with our service as we are with our product- said Priyank (The Better India).