There was a photo of Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra ( the General Secretary of AICC ) going viral on many of the social media platforms in which she can be seen wearing a "cross"  around her neck.

The photograph is widespread all over the social sites including twitter and Facebook.

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The note accompanying the image is as follows " जनेऊधारी दत्तात्रेय ब्राह्मण की जनेऊधारी बहन के गले मे मंगलसूत्र की जगह क्रॉस लटका हुआ है, और बोलती है मे गंगा की बेटी हूं, एक नम्बर की फर्जी चोरी करके बेल पे रहने वाली फैमिली!"                                                                                                                 This tweet has been retweeted many times and shared by many users on Twitter and Facebook.

There were many so many remarks regarding this photograph on the internet some were like "she is a christian acting as a Hindu"   "farzi family"    "alag alag state me rang badalte hai " and many more...

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It can be seen that the post above has been shared 1700 times till now which was shared by a member of Facebook Group  'WE SUPPORT NARENDRA MODI'.

Now comes the question what is the reality behind the picture?

There is a very simple way of cross checking  an image i.e Google reverse image . Reverse searching of images on google can help accessing the original image to a extent.

An image captured by Sanjay Kanojiya/AFP

These are the images you will see when reverse search the image which was already conducted by the Alt News .

The photograph was copied from Rai Bareilly during the UP Assembly elections in 2017 as stated in the description of the image posted by "The National".                                             The proof that this Image is of 2017 Uttar Pradesh Election can be seen in the right Image above behind Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra can be seen written on the banner "2017 Vidhan sabha chunav" .

Original Image and Photo-shopped Image

Now, It is clear that the image that was being circulated is fake of Ms. Gandhi wearing a cross which is originally a silver colored locket . The two Images can be seen above.

The photograph was actually out after Ms. Gandhi's announcement of entry in Politics.

There are many Images,videos that has been distorted and then circulated. Thus, misguiding people about the particular person,party etc.                                                                                 So, the fact check must be always done after you come across such false claims.

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