A photograph having a message stated :-

" बियर पी कर चुनाव करने जाते क्रन्तिकारी नेता ? " (Revolutionary politician heading towards rally after having beer )

has been seen posted on Facebook Page "भारतीय जनता पार्टी" by a person named @rksharma0001  on May 8 2019. The image can be seen below .

Link to page

This photo is then further shared/circulated 5400 times by the Facebook users on their respective timelines. You can visit this Facebook page via this link .

This is not just one platform but many twitter users can be seen replying on this photo when Mr.Kamal Nath posted it on his official twitter page Office Of Kamal Nath  with the caption "आज जतारा से पथरिया जाते समय राहुल गांधी जी के साथ" .

It is clear that this photo has been taken in Airbus while they were on their way to Pathariya as the caption states that. Different twitter users posted same but full photo with their different opinions :

"पूरा फोटो यहां हे देखो कैसे जनेऊधारी पंडित उर्फ़ राहुल खान मुल्ला  गांजे की सिगरेट के साथ बियर पी रहा है "  
"फोटो डालने में भी घोटाला...                                                                                                  सिगेरेट और बियर भी क्रॉप कर दी काले बैंगन .."

We tried to check the image whether this image that is going viral is true or not and here is what we found .

We cropped the image of the "Can" one which Rahul Gandhi is holding and then compare it with the original "Coca-Cola Can"..And the result can be seen in the image below:


   Tagline of the coca TASTE word is visible on the CAN.

The tagline is visible and even if you look closer between his fingers you can see the "coca- cola design" on the CAN . This is how it is proved that it was just a Coca-Cola Can not the Beer Can which Rahul Gandhi was holding.

Another claim by people that there was cigarette can be proved wrong by clearly seeing the cropped image where on the right side,we can see that it was just a seat belt and not any ash tray.

From these photos and the fact it is clear that there were "NO BEER NO CIGARETTE". It is just mere opinions of some people .