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Pahal search internet for good/positive initiatives are being carried by NGOs or individual for society or for an individual. We highlight their effort and amplify their work so that it can be reached to mass people and others might get inspired from them or they might join them.

Aabid Surti- The Water savior

83-year-old Aabid surti is a national award winning writer, painter and cartoonist runs an NGO. He is the founder of the one-man NGO named Drop Dead Foundation (DDF) with a tagline- “save every Drop or Dead Drop”, which fixes leaking taps in residence in Mumbai, free of cost. image source-dnaIndia.

Lucknow Man has saved 60 lives in 27 years

A person has saved over 60 lives from the last 27 years. Manoj Singh encourages people to help in need. People those were injured in road accidentroad accident, they came to meet after recovery. Whenever people perceived any accidents, most of them hesitate to help accident victims. The scare of

Hyderabad Boy provides free food to 1000 people Everyday

Mohammad Sujathullah a 26-years old pursuing his doctorate in pharmacy from Hyderabad, serving food to the needy over 930 days. He fed breakfast to nearly 1000 of hungry people every day in Hyderabad. He never missed even a single day of his work. Image source-‌ From back 930

Retired from Railways, Fixes Patholes with his pension money....

Mr. Gangadhar Tilak Katnam was born in a farmer’s family in Yernaduem village a in the west Godawari District. 70-year old Gangadhar is a retired engineer and made filling potholes his mission since 2010. Image source: TwitterHe is a retired engineer from South Center Railways (SCR) approx. 10 years

MBA Graduates give up jobs to functioned: Rainwater Harvesting

Every start-up has a story behind it. Water harvesting is a very normal exercise if it has a view this from a distance, but it takes many efforts to succeed. Can imagine what would happen if the city had a heavy rainfall? The same situation faced trio from Gurugram shake

Girish Bhardwaj- The Sethu Bandhu

Girish Bhardwaj is known as Sethu Bandhu or Bridge man of India. He has built around 127 eco- friendly and low cost hanging bridges in remote villages in India. 68-years old Girish has won the Padma Shree awards in the year 2017. image source: coastaldigest.comMost of the construction projects

Mitsu Chavda: The Lady Biker on Mission ‘Rode for Paraplegic Soldier’

Mitsu Chavda the youngest female biker, who aimed to travel more than 102 cities and rode 17,000 kilometers for awareness about the soldier’s achievement and extend achievements about paraplegic soldiers. She was on a mission solo Pan-India Ride for soldiers Quest. Mitsu was born in Mumbai and bought
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