Image 1 - The Modi Tsunami - False photo

Now a days, an image is viral on Facebook that claims, a huge crowd is gathered  in support of Mr. Narendra Modi and named as The Modi's tsunami (the wave is one sided again). You can have a look at following image that is viral on Facebook.

The Modi Tsunami

Claims -

With the caption of above photo, it claims 2 facts that huge crowd is that huge that is shown in above image and the 2nd one is in support of Mr. Narendra Modi.


In the investigation, we started with checking the photograph on Google reverse image checking and then we found some websites who had already exposed the truth behind. One of them is They have collected the evidences and pasted on their web site. To be more clear, click here.

As per, the original photo is from the swearing-in ceremony of BJP in 2017.

The original image of swearing-in ceremony of BJP in 2017 is pasted below.

Swearing-in ceremony 2017

As per the viral photo, this information is published by one of the Facebook account holder with publishing the caption "In support of Champion of the Earth Narendra Modi jee.....tsunami start...with huge waves...Namo again#...Plz share to all the people of India..." and this is related to Mr. Narendra Modi therefore we decided to check Facebook verified page of Bhartiya Janta Party.

We checked all the images on this page and found some images of swearing-in ceremony of BJP in Himachal Pradesh that matches with the viral image. They were published on their Facebook page on December 17, 2017.

click here

The date of viral image is April 8, 2019 that is almost after 1 year and 5 months later and we found that the photo is doctored and converted into countless crowd.

So all the above facts helped us to reach at conclusion that the above photo of "The Modi tsunami" is considered as fake photo.

Thank you and view us for more learning on fake news.