Social media platforms are always flooded with news all over. Some of them are fake and circulating those fake news cause problems .

So, here we are again with one of the picture which has been spreading on various platforms and it can be seen that there is a quote which read :

“मुसलमान चाहे पाकिस्तानी हो या भारतीय, अनपढ़ हो या सुशिक्षित, गरीब हो या अमीर 99% मुसलमान सोच से कट्टर आतंकवादी ही होते हैं, चाहे वह भाईचारे का कितना ही दिखावा करे।”

Translation- (99% Muslims are terrorists by thought, even if they make a show of brotherhood irrespective of the fact that they are educated or not, poor or rich , Indian or Pakistani)

The above quote is in circulation along with the picture of Salman Rushdie who is a British-Indian Novelist and the post conveys that the quote has been said by Salman Rushdie.

Image source

The image above is taken from another fact-checking website known as AltNews ( where this has been forwarded on Whatsapp) . AltNews already debunked this fake quotation.

The quote was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Quotation falsely accredited to Salman Rushdie.

When the Twitter account of Mr.Salman Rushdie gets checked we found that back in year 2015 he himself clarifies about the quote by Thanking one of the user "Lucy Wolf " who found the original source of this fake quote..

The tweet can be read as : "Thank you for finding the source of this fake quote that people can't seem to stop quoting to justify their own bigotry."

Tweet can be seen here

It is concluded that the quote which is accredited to Salman Rushdie is false.

It is important to know  whether the news is fake or real as in here the quotation was not being said by Mr. Salman Rushdie but people are circulating it and it can hurt the sentiments of that particular community.