Claim- A picture of swards and knives viral on the social media with the claim that these weapons have been seized from a mosque in GUJARAT.
The picture is viral on Facebook with this caption-

"भारत की आजादी के लिए लड़ते-लड़ते आजाद ने अपने प्राणों की आहुति दे दी उनकी जान लेने वाला कोई विदेशी नागरिक नहीं इंडिया के ही कुछ दोगले लोग थे वही इतिहास फिर दोहराने की तैयारी गुजरात की एक मस्जिद से इतनी मात्रा में हथियार सिर्फ एक मस्जिद से हिंदुओं को मिटाने कीसाजिश भारत बढ़ता विश्व गुरु की ओर (Azad sacrificed his life fighting for this country's freedom. But those who took his life were not foreigners but two-faced Indians. That history is ready to be repeated. These weapons were found in only one mosque in Gujarat. This is a conspiracy to eradicate Hindus.)"

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Social Media users are sharing this these pictures of Sward and knives on social media, even without having a thought about this picture.

This picture is not belongs to the same as it mentioned in the caption. Actually these pictures are from the year 2016, when the arm were seize form a shop on the Rajkot-Ahmadabad Highway.  

This viral picture post has been shared by approximate 900 users and more. This post has been shared twitter with same agenda in 2016. Some of other users shared this post on Facebook and it was responded with 750+ reactions and over 1000 shares.
This same picture got viral in 2017 with claim the seizures were from a temple in Rajkot but that time Smhoaxslayer had exposed it with proves.

The shared image belongs to year 2016 not present time, in this image the weapons were seized by Gujarat police from a shop where these weapons were being openly sold.

This viral picture is belongs to March 2016, Gujarat police had raided a shop on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway and seized these weapons that were being openly being sold there. This is a false claim that these weapons are seized from a mosque.