Claim- These students are sitting in the amidst filth. The allegation also added that the Government spends Rs, 4000 Crore on Kumbh Festival but spends RS. 400 crore on education in the country.

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This image is taking viral on social media with an accuse that this is the condition of government school in Gujarat, and also added that the government spends huge amount of rs. 4000 crore on Kumbh festival, and spends rs. 400 crore on the education in the country.

This post is shared on Facebook by FB Page Priyanka Ganghi- Future of India on 16th july. By this post user have started slamming Gujarat BJP government, in this photograph there are some kids sitting on jute mats which appear to be studying in a nasty lane.


Image Source

when we checked this image with the help of Google Reverse Image Search, found this image is taken from the HINDUSTAN TIMES reports. It has the similar photo which was used in this viral image, and this taken from a different standpoint.

HINDUSTAN TIMES says- these are the school children, at a Government primary school in a village  in sagar district are being forced to sit in the open amidst filth and stray dogs. There are no lights in their ner school building and it is impossible to study in the dark- explain school teacher.

This article was updated on 7th Jan 2019 by journalist Anupam Pateriya.
And the another claim that government spent only rs.400 crore for country education is also a tweak. Actually this rs. 400 Crore has been additional amount which is allocated in the 2019-20 budget. It has mentioned in the "THE TIMES OF INDIA" report.

This photo belongs to a primary school in Parsoriya village of Sagar district where these children are sitting in open amidst filth and stray dogs due to unavailability of electricity in the classrooms.
There is no connection between Gujarat and this viral Image.

This viral image has been claimed to be of a Gujarat's government school, is actually from Madhya Pradesh. And Budget related claim is also morphed not real.